Does it really control odor?

You bet! You won’t get any whiffs of cat-butt, and your house will never be the one that smells like stale cat urine. We’ve all been in these houses, and I think we all harbor a paranoia that ours is like that, and we just don’t notice.

Kitty Green traps all the odors of kitty’s bathroom time, and does not release them into the air. All you’ll get is the gentle woodsy, herbal scent of the litter itself, thanks to the all-natural ingredients. There are no added perfumes and no artificial chemicals that need to be added, either.

Does it really clump well enough to scoop out?

Definitely! It seems wasteful to toss out the whole bin of litter when it’s time to clean up after your cats. We also know it’s terribly messy and a little gross to clean up if those clumps break apart or crumble all together. This was one of the main things we focused on when we were creating Kitty Green, so you don’t have to dread cat-box cleaning time.

How safe is it for my cats to use?

Totally safe. We’ve done extensive research on natural materials that cause NO harm to cats, both internally and externally. This litter will not cause skin irritation, will not lodge in kitty’s backside, and will not cause any adverse reactions if she licks it up as she grooms herself.

What if my dog (rabbit, ferret, chicken, etc…) tries to eat it?

While this might be a little weird for them to do, and you’ll want to discourage it on general purpose, you can feel safe knowing that the litter itself will not harm any of the creatures in your home. Heck, if YOU wanted to taste a spoonful of it, you’d be just fine…but we might look at you a little funny.

Why should I spend extra on KG, compared to the cheaper clay based brands?

This is a big question, and one we’re happy to answer in great detail. You’ll want to read through our About Us page to start with. We go into the comparisons of why our litter is a better long term value based on the improved health and lifespan of your furry loved ones, so you can avoid costly vet bills, as well as illness and suffering. You’ll also see why KG is better for your own health, compared to clay brands.

It boils down to being able to do the best you can for your pets. More and more people are choosing more biologically appropriate foods for their pets, so the thinking should carry over to the rest of their needs as well. The question then becomes, what will bring the most long-term benefit? Adding a few extra dollars to the budget for the care of your cats is a very small thing compared to making sure they stay healthier for a longer time.